Thursday, 19 November 2015

We Give Training at Rural Aria

We Give Training at  Rural Aria 
We Give Training at  Rural Aria 

We are Training on Organic Agriculture. and best knowledge on select best seeds - sale best price them crops. (Done and Running Project)

We give training to rural unemployed People in:

(Want Start Below Projects, Our Future training Programs)

1) Pillow Covers Making

2) Candle Making

3) Paper Bags Making

4) Paper Plates and Cups Making

5) Jute Bags Stitching

6) Women Hand Made articles ex: Decorative items, Mats, Cups etc.

7) Hotel management 

8) Retail marketing, Sales marketing

9) Computer assistant

10) Electronics & House Wiring 

11) Help Care Nursery  

12) Multimedia

13) Computer Skills

14) Security 

15) Telly Sales

16) Computer assistant

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