Friday, 7 June 2013

Save Lives Social Service

Save Lives Social Service 

 I have seen many poor people, old people, destitute, abandoned children,  orphans,
hungry children and hungry adult.
        I have also seen slum areas. I felt very sad and sorrowful by seeing these circumstances. I belong to a middle class family. I want to help these people but I am unable to do this help. My self and few others want to develop and improve these people and places.
       First of all I am sorry , because so many Grammar mistakes are there. Because I did not study in English medium. I studied at my village in Telugu language at my village School.  

Save Lives Society works for poor people, old poor people, destitute and abandoned children.

Our society gives free training to poor people for starting small scale industries.
It provides food and clothes for hungry children, destitute and abandoned children.  Our society gives free education to orphans. Our Society also works to preserve ecology.

(My Self Donate My Life, to Who is Helpless    --Madhukar Kudikala)


  1. Thank you sir,
    I got a job because of you, I am very happy in this job
    thank you so much . . .

  2. i will help to this organization in future . .
    i am Shore . . .